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The importance of actively investing in an inclusive society, were we interact respectfully which each other is of great importance and perhaps more current and urgent than ever.

With your support, Respect Education Foundation is committed internationally and nationally to a more respectful society for everyone. Despite origin, gender, skin color, sexual orientation or belief. To get to know each other is an important first step. Therefore personal conversation and connection are central themes in our work. Support REF now and contribute to a respectful society!


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Regularly we receive donations from donors who have asked a gift for REF at several occasions instead of presents. A very attentive and relatively effortless way to raise money for a more respectful society at home and abroad! Naturally, it is possible to indicate which of our projects you would like to support with your donation.


You can deposit your donation to NL 43 ABNA 0412408090 (BIC ABNANL2A), bank account name Respect Education Foundation, Amsterdam.


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